Jordan College of Arts senator announced


The Jordan College of the Arts will be represented in the Student Government Association by the new senator, Tessa Sommers, for the 2015-2016 academic year.

The official list of senators has not been released yet because SGA must take the time to appoint people to the senior off-campus and College of Communication senator positions. However, Sommers ran unopposed for the Jordan College of the Arts senator position and has received confirmation from SGA that she will be the senator.

Sommers wants to bring unity to the Jordan College of the Arts during her last year at Butler University.

“I think that we are all very separate departments,” Sommers said. “Which is too bad, because we are all of the arts.”

“The main thing I would like to see is maybe performances that include all majors within the JCA,” Andrea Mathews, a JCA student, said.

An event to incorporate all departments remains a common desire among students and faculty alike in the JCA.

“In the future, I would like to see projects that involve different departments within JCA,” sophomore JCA student Matthew Griffin said.

Jaclyn Virgin-Oomkes, adjunct faculty for the Butler dance department, has been working in the JCA for three years now and was a 2003 graduate. “I would love a collaboration,” Virgin-Oomkes said.  “There’s so many talented artists in this building, and they should all be able to work on something together, to have that ability to collaborate. Because that’s happening in the bigger picture, the bigger world, that all these students are getting ready to enter.”

It will be Sommers’ job this academic year to ensure that all wants and concerns of the Jordan College of the Arts are heard in the SGA Senate.