Behind the Scenes of ButlerPalooza


As the crowd scurries to their seats, rows upon rows filled to the brim with students waiting to see the band perform, one must truly take in the process that got us to this point in time.

We must look to see just how the one and only ButlerPalooza migrates to our humble university grounds once every year.

With such artists as Girl Talk, Lupe Fiasco and B.o.B headlining in the past, ButlerPalooza as an event is quite a popular tradition for students young and old, joining together with only music as their bond.

Despite the panache that comes with a concert of this magnitude, the fact of the matter is that the key to ButlerPalooza’s success is the months upon months of organization and dedication.

Starting immediately after the end of last year’s event, a coalition between the Butler University Student Government Association and Programs for Leadership and Service Education came together in order to run through the pros and cons of the previous performance, looking to keep pushing the envelope further and further in order to make the event the best it can be.

After that a sanctioned committee begins the planning process by compiling and sorting through over a hundred acts and performers to come and enthrall our university.

Seeing that this isn’t Coachella or another marathon of musicianship, the group then thoroughly and tediously goes through a process of elimination, ending with the committee speaking out to the lucky few artists.

If and when the artists and association leaders come to an agreement, it may seem as though all is taken care of – though in reality it is merely the calm before the storm.

From here on out the group of hard-working individuals multiply at a rapid pace, immersing bookers, caterers, promoters and stage hands.

Seeing that this year’s event is taking place inside Clowes Memorial Hall, the stage crew is larger but nevertheless vigilant in their productivity.

Lance Patterson, event manager for Clowes,  said his crew is exceptionally committed.

“You see them running in and out of Clowes from early morning to early morning, with no stops in between,” he said.

Patterson said he enjoys seeing students enjoy the experience.

“Seeing students come out just as excited as they came in is my favorite part of the job,” he said.