Timely Warning: Alleged sexual assault on-campus


The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is working with the Butler University Police Department in an active investigation of an alleged on-campus rape. The incident occurred April 19 in the early hours of the morning at a residence hall.

The suspect was known to the victim and has been identified. Andrew Ryan, assistant chief of police for administration, authorized the timely warning that was sent out at around 2:00 p.m. the day of the alleged rape.

The university takes all reported cases of sexual violence seriously, according to the timely warning. Butler offers resources, including the 24-hour victim advocate hotline for victims of sexual assault.

“My residents have come to me with sensitive issues like sexual assault before,” senior resident assistant Zoe Castellano said. “I think a lot of the times it initially gets reported to RAs. I think if there was a better understanding between RAs and residents of what the RAs can and can’t do when it comes to reporting sexual assault, students would feel more comfortable reporting it to their RAs.”

The timely report also urges individuals to seek permission prior to every sexual interaction.

Information regarding which residence hall the assault took place and to whom it was initially reported to cannot be released.

There have been five rapes in residence halls, three non-campus rapes and one on the general campus during the 2014-2015 academic year, according to Clery Geography.

“People think that because we’re in such a small and secure area that sexual assault doesn’t happen,” said sophomore Julia Mansfield, “but that’s not the case and there are statistics to prove it. We need to be alert and aware of our surroundings.”

Butler University Detective Diane Sweeney and Detective Bruce Allee could not offer any comments on the investigation.