Larry Shapiro: Review


Larry Shapiro’s recital Tuesday night was a pure celebration of music.

Shapiro performed as a member of the Duckwall Artist Series, which is currently coming to a close with only four performances left.

Many of the performer’s closest friends and colleagues came out to support the virtuosic violinist, and none left disappointed.

Shapiro performed a series of what he called “Musical Bonbons” – a collection of delicious treats as unpredictable and decadent as a box of chocolates.

Many different composers and numerous styles of music were presented, but a sense of old-fashioned musicianship prevailed most heavy-handedly.

In the program notes, Shapiro boasts of “performing on a violin made in 1772 by Nicholas Gagliano.”

He performed with an untamed virtuosity reminiscent of the true showmen of the late 20th century.

His choice of repertoire showcased his unwavering command of his instrument.

Shapiro is truly a musician in the most traditional sense of the word.

Yet, he colored his diligent and disciplined performances with a subtle sense of humor, often coaxing a muffled chuckle from the audience members in attendance.

Overall, the sentiment that persisted throughout the performance was a joyful appreciation for the opportunity to engage with such a time-tested art form.