OVERTIME: A college journalist’s journey to the Big East Tourney – Day Two


Day two of my trip started with an early morning. And then of course I went back to bed and slept in. Come on, it’s Spring Break, what else would a college kid do?

The room I’m sleeping in at my friends apartment has two windows that overlook exactly what comes to mind when you think of New York City. No, not a beautiful skyline. A busy highway with non-stop traffic. I am eye-level with the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway when I’m laying down, which makes it a little tough to get to sleep at night. But what the heck, what’s a trip to the Big Apple without a sleepless night or two?

After my first experience with Korean food — a very good experience, I might add — I caught up on some conference tournament action on ESPN. Then I found myself in a dilemma, as I found out that the Northeast Conference Championship was happening about four miles from where I’m staying.

I had to choose between the Robert Morris @ Saint Francis Brooklyn game and heading over to Manhattan for more sightseeing.

I didn’t let the rain stop me, and I took a subway over to Lower Manhattan where I met up with my roommate who also happens to be out here, and we checked out the World Trade Center Memorial.

One World Trade Center - The new Freedom Tower

One World Trade Center – The new Freedom Tower

That was a sobering moment. Standing in the shadow of the new Freedom Tower and under the foggy drizzle, I took a deep breath and let it all soak in. I remember that day 13 and a half years ago, and I know on that day, the last thing I was thinking about was how one day I’d be standing where the rubble once was, getting ready to live my dream of being a college journalist in the maddest month of all. It was truly a surreal moment.

And while I missed quite the finish at the NEC Championship game, I am glad I took the time to reflect on a moment that changed our nation’s history. On top of that, I got to see Wall Street — granted, I’m sure it isn’t as impressive at night as it is during the trading period — and I ate a killer tuna melt at O’Hara’s Pub across the street from the World Trade Center.

The New York Stock Exchange

The New York Stock Exchange

So drifting off to the lull of traffic tonight, it feels good to have a cleared mind before starting to actually cover the tournament in the next two days.

Something I am looking forward to is an event at the Butler fan headquarters Wednesday — American Whiskey at 247 W. 30th St. It is a “Welcome to New York” gathering from 5:30 to 7 p.m.

And Thursday will be the official Big East Tournament pep rally for Butler fans at One Penn Plaza (near MSG) from 12:50 to 2 p.m.

The rest of the week looks like it will be just as fun of a ride as my first two days. I look forward to continuing to keep you all updated with my experiences, and can not wait to actually get in the Garden and see what the Bulldogs have in store against the Musketeers Thursday.