Greek athletes deserve credit


Being a student-athlete in a Division I program such as Butler is alone an impressive feat. From early morning practices to missing classes because of out of town games, athletes are constantly forced to adjust and stretch to their limits to get all of their work done.

School work, plus playing a sport is hard. School work plus a sport, PLUS being involved in Greek life is even harder. The handful of student athletes that have chosen the second path are then forced to balance their schoolwork, their games and practices, and also their requirements and events for their particular organization.

To some, it may seem silly to think that being involved in Greek life would add any extra stress to ones life because its all just fun right? Wrong. These organizations include more than just fun events and competitions. Each particular sorority and fraternity has unique and important aspects to their organization that require their members to do more than just be in attendance at events.

One must keep in mind, schoolwork is first and these students were recruited to this particular school based on their impressive athletic ability in their particular sport so the extra addition of Greek life is simply a choice made by the particular student.

Sophomore Tessa Faulkens, a Delta Gamma sister and member of the women’s soccer team, and Will Marty, a Delta Tau Delta pledge and  member of the football team, had similar experiences with their decision to go through recruitment. Neither came into Butler expecting to become part of the Greek community, but later in their first semesters decided it could be something they would be interested in.

“It sounded like it would be a pretty cool opportunity,” Marty said. “Having practice and Greek events together are definitely a handful, but it is worth it to do the best you can to make both work.”

Marty’s point is often the case. Most things worth being a part of require work and sacrifices, but in the end it will all pay off.

Sports and Greek life are similar in their community aspect, and Faulkens saw this as one of the reasons for joining. She was lucky enough to have wonderful friends through her soccer team but wanted the opportunity for more than just that.

“I wanted the opportunity to get out of just my soccer friends,” she said. “I wanted to have the chance to meet some of these people that I probably would have never gotten the chance to get to know otherwise.”

Although hard, Greek life is an aspect of college all students should have an opportunity to experience if they so desire. Adding this to the already busy schedule of a student athlete might seem crazy but to many the benefits outweigh the intense time commitments.

Dani Aravich is a member of the cross-country and track team and is also a freshman new member of Delta Gamma. She said that she came into college knowing she at least wanted to go through recruitment, with the intention of joining at the end of the week, because she wanted to be able to experience all aspects of college.

Aravich said, “I already was getting to experience a lot with school and the athletics but now being a part of Delta Gamma has opened up so many doors for me.”

The Greek system may not be for everyone but also neither is playing a Division I sport, but for some being a part of both of these organizations make the difference.