The community of music


With a beautiful and wide array of choral pieces, both the Butler University Chorale and the Chamber Singers seek to inspire the audience’s inner voice in their upcoming concert.

The concert will take place on Feb. 20 at 7:30 p.m. at the Howard L. Schrott Center for the Arts.    

Although one may easily confuse the two choral groups at first glance, the Chorale and the Chamber Singers each have distinct characteristics.

The Chamber Singers is the smaller of the ensembles, with an emphasis on repertoire of the Renaissance and 20th century, while Chorale has performed everything from Bach and Brahms to Swedish, Russian and Chinese music.

The Chamber Singers perform all a capella music—a music style without any instrumentation other than voices.

The Chorale also performs a capella, but the pieces it sings are often accompanied by piano or other instruments.

Similarly, both groups are directed by Dr. Eric Stark, who will be conducting the upcoming concert.

Justine Koontz, second-year master’s student of choral conducting and composition, said she is excited to conduct one piece for the concert. She also sings in both the ensembles.

Having the two ensembles put on a show together brings “a greater sense of community, and a sense of belonging to the choral department,” she said.

Koontz said this concert will be a unique experience you won’t want to miss.

“There is a large variety of music you are going to hear throughout the night,” she said. “You will definitely find something you like, and something you have never heard before.”

Both, however, groups faced challenges preparing for this concert, Koontz said.

“We are preparing an enormous amount of music this semester,” she said. “That is the biggest challenge. But when you have intense experiences, you know you will be transformed by the end of them.”

She said the joy of singing always shines through.

Koontz hopes that each audience member can “individually find something that spoke to them in the performance,” she said. “If it’s different things for different people, that’s even better.”

The goal of this performance is to “present all the music at its best and in the most meaningful way for the audience,” she said.

Tickets are free with a Butler ID (If you are not a Butler student, it costs $10 for adults and $5 for seniors and students). Purchase tickets this week at the Clowes’ box office or online at the Schrott Center’s website.