Students aim to raise awareness for homelessness


On Friday, Feb. 13, Butler students and other volunteers representing Home Matters America will raise awareness for affordable housing at the Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis.

The event will begin at Noon and it is scheduled to end at 3 p.m.

Sarah Burns, one of the volunteers, said her team will display an art piece so onlookers can stop and talk about what their own homes mean to them.

“The idea is to get a conversation going about what kind of elements make up a good home,” Burns said.

“We hope to get people thinking positive thoughts about what home means to them, and then turn their attention to the many people in Indianapolis who do not have a place to call home.”

Home Matters America, an organization with over 250 partners nationwide, said their mission is to build awareness and raise funds for more affordable homes and better communities, according to their press release.

One of their partners, Love Indy, collaborates with the Greater Indianapolis Progress Committee in the Department of Metropolitan Development.

Love Indy representatives said their goal is to “foster civic pride and economic impact,” according to a statement.

Senior Jack Meehan, a student volunteer, said he grew up in a loving home. Because of this, he said he wants to help raise awareness for the cause.

“I want to share this feeling of love and passion for what I can call home with others,” Meehan said.

Senior Sofia Valdivia said she is looking forward to the opportunity to help organize the event.

“Being able to work side by side with an organization like Love Indy is an exciting opportunity for us,” Valdivia said. “We’re incredibly motivated to spread our message.”

Butler University’s Bateman competition class said they elected to partner with Love Indy to create a city that “welcomes, engages and inspires” individuals to redefine the American Dream for young Indianapolis natives.