Paris: A moveable feast


“Been there, done that” is not the mentality secondary-education major Emily Bertram is bringing to her study-abroad experience.

On the Global Adventures in the Liberal Arts program, the sophomore is revisiting Paris.

Bertram visited the city for a week with her parents when she was a freshman in high school.

She said the dynamic of this trip, however, is much different.

“It is nice not having my parents here because I get to what I want to do,” she said. “There is always someone who is willing to go with me. I usually rely on my parents to plan everything, but the independence is definitely great.”

She said little differences have made the most impact, such as having tour guides for museums, giving her a better experience and a greater impact.

“I also really loved seeing the Eiffel Tower at night,” Bertram said. “We waited a long time to see that last time, since my parents like to do things during the day. This time we went to go see it on the first night. It was a good way to start the trip.”

Sophomore Emily Bertram

Sophomore Emily Bertram

Last time she was in Paris, it was a chilly September. This time, she said, the city felt much colder.

Nevertheless, she still finds the positive side of adventuring Paris in the winter.

“It is nice that we don’t have to wait in lines,” she said. “That is one good thing about it being winter.”

Bertram said she took note of previously bad travel experiences.

Last time she was in Paris, the dollar had a significantly lower value compared to the euro, so her family went to cheaper restaurants to save some money.

As a result, every family member was stricken with food poisoning.

“The food is such a big part of the culture,” she said. “It is worth spending money on. I definitely learned that lesson last time.”

So far, she said her favorite foods have been a strawberry-and-Nutella crepe by the Eiffel Tower and Angelina’s hot chocolate near the Louvre.