Bulldogs of Butler: Bailey Wiseman


Sophomore Bailey Wiseman is just leaving an appointment with her academic advisor.

She is planning to switch majors.

Wiseman came to Butler University last year as an exploratory major. After taking a couple classes, she declared her major in communication science and disorders.

“I thought I loved it, but I was wrong,” she said.

Lately, her mind has been fixed on something entirely different: fashion.

“I am really into fashion and makeup, so maybe I could do something that has to do with that in business,” she said.

Her current options include public relations and advertising and communications or marketing and business.

“I feel like there are more opportunities to pursue,” she said. “I can’t even think of them all.”

The only problem is that, until Easter, Wiseman will not be able to purchase new makeup or clothing. Wiseman is not Catholic, but, she said, she decided to give up fashion for Lent.

“Forty days is a long time,” she laughed.

Still, fashion remains a part of her daily life.

Her 1-year-old pet hedgehog Essie is named after the popular brand of nail polish.

“I got her from a breeder, but it took a while because they didn’t have any,” she said. “I thought they were cute and that it would be good in my dorm room.”

Essie used to spend the weekdays on campus with Wiseman and then make the trip home with her to McCordsville, Indiana, each weekend.

“She used to live here illegally,” Wiseman smiled.

Eventually, though, “she kind of got stressed out, so I just leave her at home now,” Wiseman said.

Photos by Erin Marsh

Photos by Erin Marsh