Trick or Treat?

PAIGE LISTON | | Opinion Columnist

Halloweekend is here and students, especially young women, are worried about what to wear.

In order to find that perfect costume, students scour Pinterest for hours, visit multiple Goodwill outlets and party stores and sometimes spend unnecessary amounts of money for just one party weekend.

This can be a source of stress for young women as they contemplate whether they should be something funny, creative, cute or scandalous, or if they should collaborate with their friends to make group costumes.

There is a radical difference between being a witch when you were younger and dressing up as a witch when you are older. It seems that once women reach a certain age, they are expected to wear as minimal clothing as possible for their costumes.

It should not be this way.

Sophomore Danielle Ruppal said Halloween should be used as a chance for people to show off their fun and creative side.

“It is fun to dress up for Halloween because it is an excuse to be goofy and creative for the night,” Ruppal said. “You don’t always get the chance to do that, so it should be taken advantage of.”

The best costumes are the clever ones that people put thought and effort into. As you get older, you have the creative freedom and skills necessary to make a memorable costume.

Sophomore Gabrielle Dunn said her favorite part of Halloween is planning group costumes with her friends.

“The crazy week before Halloween, when everyone’s planning what to wear, is the fun part for me,” Dunn said. “It is exciting to think of creative ideas to do with your friends.”

The funny and original group costumes are the ones you will always remember.

As college students, it is difficult to find the perfect costume at a store because that perfect costume is going to cost more money than you are willing to pay.

That is when a do-it-yourself costume, made in your own style, originality and resourcefulness, can make a store-bought costume a relic of the past.

Ruppal made her own costume even before the school year started because she wanted to be something unique and creative.

“I knew I wanted to make a costume that wasn’t your typical DIY that you always see on Pinterest,” Ruppal said. “I think people are doing that a lot more now because it is easy and cheap, but also creative and cute.”

People should have fun with their Halloween costumes. The more elaborate and well thought-out a costume, the better. So, make this Halloween a notable one with a creative and fun costume that people will not soon forget.

Cartoon by Audrey Meyer

Cartoon by Audrey Meyer