New book buying alternative saves students money



At Butler University the average student will spend $1,000 on books per year.

Other options available through the bookstore allow students to buy or rent used books to reduce the cost.

PackBack is working to revolutionize the way students can buy and use textbooks. Its pay-per-use eTextbook model allows students to pay for textbooks as they need them, according to its website.

PackBack allows students to rent online textbooks for $5 a day. Students can also choose to buy the books for the semester.

“I first heard of PackBack when I saw founders Kasey Gandham and Mike Shannon on Shark Tank,” said brand ambassador and Butler sophomore Brodie Meyer. “I thought it was a brilliant idea.”

Sophomore Kevin O’Brien said he enjoyed the newer textbook option.

“It’s really easy to use,” said O’Brien. “And it saves me a lot of money.”

Currently there more than 2,500 titles available.

“For classes that don’t require much book work, online textbooks are great,” said junior Caitlin Luby. “But for classes where you need the textbook for stories and things, I prefer a hard copy.”

Today there are 73,528 students using PackBack.

“Last year I would barely open my books,” said Meyer. “With this website I’m able to rent the book for a day, if I need it for a quiz or to review the chapter. I spend $5 instead of $250.”

PackBack gives students a sell-back option. It pays students by check for selling their books.

This method allows professors to have the flexibility to pull in-course material from multiple books and sources.

PackBack compensates publishers for every sale of their content.

Meyer thinks PackBack will benefit Butler students.  

“There was need for this service,” Meyer said. “College students need to save money however they can.”