Sexual assault commission searches for volunteers


Provost Kathryn Morris sent a campus-wide email asking for volunteers to serve on the Presidential Sexual Assault Commission.

The email asked for staff, faculty and students to volunteer their time to serve on a sub-committee during the 2014-2015 academic year.

Sub-committees include campus climate assessment, curricular initiatives and survivor advocacy, among others.

These sub-committees will be formed focusing on expertise and broad campus representation, according to the email.

Butler University President James Danko announced the commission via email on April 16. He placed Morris in charge of the newly formed group.

The commission will assess the current practices of the university regarding sexual assault prevention and handling occurrences. The group will also work the Diversity Commission, according to the email.

Morris named Ann Savage, a communication professor, the special assistant to the provost for the sexual assault commission.

An oversight committee consisting of Savage, Morris and sub-committee chairs will oversee the group’s work and report to the president, according to the email.

The email included an application which is due by Sept. 17.