Parking problems continue



This week, the A parking on Lake Street near the Holcomb Memorial Carillon Tower was temporarily relocated.

The spots were moved to make room for a holding area for supplies used for the construction of the new parking garage. Only half the road will be used for two-way traffic.

Faculty and staff who commonly park in that area have to move over to available spots in the Residential College or Hinkle Fieldhouse parking lots.

Professor Scott Bridge said he understands it needs to happen, but it will cause unrest among the faculty and staff.

“Those who have to park and walk from Hinkle will not be so happy,” Bridge said. “I’ve parked there myself, and it’s not a pleasant walk.”



More parking spaces on campus will disappear in the spring when construction on the new residence hall near Irwin Library begins.

Commuter parking will be moved to the Hinkle lot during construction.

“It’s gonna be a rough year, there’s no doubt about it,” Assistant Chief of Police Bill Weber said. “The residence hall construction will affect everybody, but when it’s over, everybody will be happy.”



A strip of B parking next to the Fairbanks Center is another potential parking change.

Bridge, who teaches mainly in Fairbanks, said the area of 30 parking spots is usually left empty by students.

“I don’t understand why it has been allowed to go on as long as it has,” he said. “Those vacant spaces didn’t just materialize. The parking committee has been told about this issue.”

Butler University Police Department does not give out more permits than there are parking spots on campus, Weber said.

Weber will monitor the B-parking area this week. He said if he feels students are not parking there, he will get students from the waiting list for a B-parking permit.

If those spaces still go unused after Weber opens up the opportunity for others, the parking committee will decide the fate of the parking strip at its next meeting.

“If they don’t start using the space,” Weber said. “They will lose it, plain and simple.”