Maintenance helps prevent disease


Changes in seasons also bring changes to the workload for the Butler University maintenance department.

 In the summertime, when many students are off campus, big maintenance projects occur. This includes replacing filters and cleaning residence halls.

 “These things are easier to do when there are not as many folks around,” said Richard Michal, executive director of facilities.

The academic year begins, and campus fills with students. Illnesses accompany the students, as reported in last week’s issue of The Butler Collegian. 

Building services, a branch of the maintenance department, works diligently when illness is prevalent to ensure the university is sanitary.

 Michal said the department puts out the hand sanitizers throughout the school and cleans the doorknobs and other surfaces where viruses could easily spread.

 “These things are routine year round,” Michal said. “Our staff has stepped up and done a great job.”

 Maintenance wants to meet the needs of all students on campus, he said.

 “I am not afraid to contract any diseases,” sophomore Molly McDonnell said. “Because I believe that the maintenance staff does an excellent job taking care of Butler students.”

Sophomore Kelli McCafferty noticed a problem in her Jordan Hall classroom.

“On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, there was a really strong, potent moldy smell ,” she said. “And everyone in my class usually makes a comment about it. Both of my professors always complain about it, too.”

The maintenance department collects concerns through Fix My Butler, located on the Butler University website.