Greek houses on probation for Homecoming


Two Greek houses cannot participate in this year’s Homecoming activities.

Sigma Chi and Phi Kappa Psi fraternities are on probation during the year’s festivities, and members cannot compete in the week’s festivities. 

Levester Johnsonvice president for student affairs, said he did not have information on the specific cases regarding the groups and the reasons for their probations.

Becky Druetzler, director of Greek life, and Sally Click, dean of student services, declined interview requests.

A few factors determine whether or not a house can participate in Homecoming.

First, a probation could be a form university sanctioning, which is meant to deal with conduct, safety or assure appropriate behavior within Homecoming, Johnson said.

If a student has a conduct issue, the university can ask him/her to be assessed, do community service or restrict that student’s involvement in activities the university believes could lead to another violation, Johnson said.

“We’re trying to change the behavior,” Johnson said. “It’s not like we’re trying to reprimand. We’re trying to be thoughtful and intentional. What can we put in place to change behaviors or provide the skill and knowledge for them to not do it again?”

Placing a house on probation could also come from the national governing body in charge of the fraternity or sorority.  Their headquarters could make a decision on how to respond to a conduct matter.

“In most cases we are typically aware of that,” Johnson said. “And in most cases we are typically supportive of that decision.”

When a group goes through the probation process, they must go through the reconduct board or conduct officers.

The group will receive an email containing a date to meet with a conduct officer to discuss the event. The meeting will be either informal or formal depending on the severity of the event that took place. The conduct officer will then decide if the student is responsible for breaking university policy, according to the Butler University student handbook.