From “Arts, Etc.” to “Culture”




Young adults lounging in late summer air with novels in their hands, two runners giving each other high fives as they pass, peers rushing to retrieve the scattered items from a woman’s dropped bag.

These are not scenes from a utopian-based film. They are realities witnessed from a gazebo between Jordan Hall and Atherton Union of Butler University.

As the new school year begins, traditions continue on campus.

One quarter of a century after Tony Hinkle implemented The Butler Way into the minds of his team, the phrase has grown from a rally cry to a lifestyle.

Now that lifestyle is helping to break a different tradition.

For the first time since since 1886, readers of the Butler Collegian will no longer find the “Arts, Etc.” section but instead, they will find “Culture.”

Changing this heading seems simple, yet it implies so much more.

The new goal of the Culture team is to broaden readers’ ideas by broadening the content of the section.

While coverage of various productions on campus will continue, other articles may be seen as well. Lifestyle pieces, “how-to’s,” trends on campus and many other themes will be visited while adjusting to find the perfect reporting of readers’ interests.

Embrace and enjoy.