Student Hit by Dawg Ride Bus Near Campus


Butler University Police Department’s Dawg Ride bus struck a student on Saturday morning. The collision occurred after midnight near the Apartment Village and 49th Street.

BUPD’s daily crime log cited the incident as a “traffic accident resulting in personal injury/consumption and possession of alcohol of a minor.”

Assistant Chief of Police Bill Weber said the student was hit on accident with the passenger side mirror of the bus.

The student was intoxicated and received a drinking citation.

BUPD investigated the accident just as it would any other traffic accident would be, Weber said.

“Photos were taken, as were statements from those involved and any witnesses who offered to come forward,” Weber said.

The driver was not punished in any way, Weber said.

“Cross at the crosswalks, look and look again for traffic,” Weber said.  “Be particularly mindful that while (the pedestrian) might be able to see the approaching vehicle, the motorist may not see you.  And I’m sure you drive a car, how many times have you had a close call with a bicyclist, pedestrian or other vehicle where it was the other person who wasn’t paying attention?”

“I am very grateful that as much vehicle traffic and foot traffic that we have in and around campus that this was a minor injury and that these types of incidents occur very infrequently.”