Student-athletes Band Together for a Good Cause

MARKO TOMICH | Contributing Reporter

With renovations in Hinkle Fieldhouse going on, the Student Athlete Advisor Committee was unable to set up their second inaugural formal.

The SAAC’s original idea for the all-athletic formal was to bring together Butler’s athletes and to celebrate its success as well as deliver awards given out at the event.

Last year, the student-athletes held their formal in the west gym with a deejay. Some athletes stepped up and helped out setting up decorations and food planning. For the event, athletes raised money for their strength coach who was diagnosed with cancer.

This year, the SAAC is still looking for an organization for which they will be raising money. Unable to have a traditional formal due to the renovations the committee decided to switch things up.

Senior Jimmy Schwabe, vice president of the Student Athlete Advisor Committee says that instead of the suit and tie, they will be putting on some sneakers and going to play some sports.

The SAAC is holding a cookout as well as Olympic and Butler’s spring sports spectacular styled competition.

“One of our basketball guys, Erik Fromm, suggested the idea after stopping by spring sports. (Erik) said why don’t we do something like that.” Schwabe said. “You know, us being athletes, it is kind of a hidden rivalry, we always want to compete against each other, so we said, why not put it to the test?”

The first part of the event will be a cook out. After the cook out, each athletic team has picked their own special sponsored event, and the entire team will compete in the events picked by their peers.

These events are supposed to put the athletes out of their usual sports element of basketball, football or soccer. They will be anything from corn hole to frisbee and will later end in a team versus team relay.

“We are not going to be playing basketball or volleyball. It’ll be things we aren’t accustomed too,” Schwabe said. “We will have bags to three legged races and even a pie in the face competition. We are gonna get some of our coaches out there, and for making us running sprints at practices, they might get pied in the face.”

The event will be held April 28 at the outside track by the Butler baseball fields. It will be an escape right before finals week and the SAAC suggests to come and watch.

“We encourage anybody to come by if they want to check it out,” Schwabe said. “It should be fun.”