Spring Semester Offers More Enjoyment

MORGAN LEGEL | Columnist

Spring is known for many things such as its standing as the perfect season to consume ice cream while it is the perfect temperature outside. It’s warm enough for shorts, but still cool enough for your favorite light jacket.

But, students at Butler University enjoy something else about spring: campus life.

The spring semester, starting in January and ending in May,  is approximately the same length as fall semester. On average, they are both 15 to 17 weeks long, with 80 to 90 days of instruction.

Lauren David says that from a freshman’s point of view, spring has more to offer socially than the fall.

“In the spring, if you’ve gone through recruitment, you have an entire Greek house,” David said. “My sorority has allowed me to meet so many new people in such a short amount of time, and given me a lot more opportunities to volunteer, especially in the nice weather.”

The spring semester also contains spring break, a week students may spend away from school.

David also said that it was nice to have a little break after midterms to relax before getting back to business.

Spring doesn’t just provide a better atmosphere to hang out with friends; it also provides a great atmosphere for exercise.

“As the weather gets increasingly warmer, I like to run outside. The outdoors is colorful and beautiful,” said sophomore Katie Doyle.

Aside from running outside for exercise, Butler also has other alternatives. The high ropes course overlooking the canal provides an entire body workout with a view.

There is one major factor of why the spring semester is better than fall that many overlook: academics.

Katie Springston said that her spring semester is all about academics.

“My classes are always better in the spring,” Springston said. “The teachers are happier, and so are the students. The basis of the classes has a fun air to it. Everything is just better.”

Whether you enjoy the social advantages, the health benefits, or the academic gains, it’s a clear consensus that the spring semester is better than the fall.

With only two and a half weeks until the school year ends, figure out what makes the spring semester better for you.