Senior Recital Highlight: Hannah Varnau, composition major

MALLORY DUNCAN | Asst. Arts, Etc. Editor

The Butler Collegian spoke with senior composition major Hannah Varnau about her upcoming senior recital.

BC: Talk about you, your major and your senior recital.

HV: I’m a composition major, and we have lessons and classes about writing music. This recital is a culmination of what I’m most proud of that I’ve done here at Butler.

BC: What is your favorite part about the compostition major?

HV: My favorite part is the chance for creativity. Most people don’t major in something that allows them to literally try to think about ways to subvert the general public’s view or impression of music. I’ve done a lot of fun things in the name of doing homework like throwing nerf footballs at bass drums. You can learn about any music you want to.

BC: Are there other Butler students involved in your recital?

HV: Students will be performing my pieces live. I have everything from solos to groups of eight people. There’s a female choir piece and a small chamber ensemble.

BC: What is your role during the recital?

HV: I will be conducting at least one of the pieces. For the most part, I’m actually going to be sitting back and watching, just like anyone else. We’ll have program notes so I won’t be speaking in between my pieces. It’s probably the only major where the day of my recital is probably the most relaxed I’ll be about my recital at any time this week.

BC: What have you been doing to prepare for your recital?

HV: I’ve been writing music and orchestrating parts. I’ve also been running rehearsals all this week and will be for the rest of the week. The biggest challenge for me has been scheduling and finding time to meet with my performers.

BC:What piece are you most excited to have people hear?

HV: I’m really excited about a lot of my pieces in a lot of different ways. The chamber ensemble group has a surprise visual component, I’m excited to see how that comes together. I’m excited to hear just about everything. I didn’t put anything on this recital that I didn’t like.

BC: Are there any surprises in your recital?

HV: There’s certainly surprises in the context of the music and things that I like to say will keep even general listeners interested.

BC: What are you hoping the audience takes away from your recital?

HV: I don’t really care as long as they take something away. If someone ends up hating a piece, that’s  fine, as long as it elicits some sort of emotion. If I can stir some sort of reaction or emotion, that’s what I’m going for.




Hannah Varnau’s recital will take place in the Eidson-Duckwall Recital Hall on Saturday at 11 a.m.