College of Business Announces 2013 Placement Rate

ALEXANDRA BODE | Staff Reporter

Butler University’s College of Business recently announced a 97 percent placement rate for 2013 graduates.

A few days later, the number was determined to actually be 98 percent.

This placement rate is equal to the average rate over the past five years.

“The success is from the quality of academics and the career development program,” Kim Goad, director of career development for COB, said.

Eighteen percent of this 98 percent went on to graduate programs, including Butler’s Masters in Public Accounting. No students from that number entered into a gap year program.

This means 80 percent went straight into the work field.

“Many schools report a 65-percent response rate, whereas for our 2013 statistic, a 94 percent response rate was reported,” Goad said.

Butler’s career development program requires two internships for graduation, something not all universities require.

“Some of my work peers often comment, ‘I wish my school pushed me harder to get multiple internships,’”said Lauren McNamer, 2012 COB graduate.

Forty-three percent of Butler students are hired from their internships, and 75 percent can attribute their post-graduate position to their internship.

“While I was at Butler, I interned at Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, and the Butler Business Consulting Group,” McNamer said. “Yes, my internship at Lilly led to the job I chose right out of school.”

She will reach her two-year mark with Eli Lilly and Company this June.

Some students even graduate with a job already in line for after graduation.

“The internship program got me accustomed to corporate life—working eight-hour days, setting up meetings, being held accountable,” said Lynsey Sell, a COB senior. “Those are things that are vital but not easily taught in a classroom.”

The COB also assigns each student a career mentor who develops a relationship with the students over their four years at Butler.

These advisors help students develop career plans and assist in networking.

During Sell’s time at Butler, she interned at Allison Transmission and ExactTarget and is currently with the Butler Business Consulting Group.

She has a job lined up at Eli Lilly as a financial analyst beginning this summer, which she learned about through the COB.

“I’m really thankful that the COB put an emphasis on things like networking and resume writing during my entire four years in the program,” Sell said.

Ninety-one percent of the 2013 graduates accepted offers within three months of graduation.

“Employers constantly rate our students very high on preparedness,” Goad said. “Some only want Butler students.”