Students ask for alternative food options

MORGAN LEGEL | Columnist

Going to college is hard.

Going to college with a budget and limited food options is the worst.

We all are aware we go to a private school in the process of an expansion, but that does not mean we should have to deal with an inadequate food delivery system.

Schools across the country are serviced by websites that deliver food from various restaurants to their campuses.

On most of the sites, one first has to pick the in which state he or she lives.

However, many of the sites do not list the state of Indiana.

Once a student finds a site that services his or her state, the next step is to pick a school.

As I was going through site after site, I did not find one that services Butler or any other private schools that I knew.

Granted, there are places that deliver to campus, but sometimes one can get tired of Jimmy John’s and HotBox.

There are also restaurants making strides in delivery, like Noodles and Company and Yats.

Noodles and Co. delivers Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. is also trying to help college students by delivering for various restaurants in Broad Ripple. Delivery requires a minimum purchase of $12.99 and a delivery fee of $3.99.

Butler itself has tried to remedy the obvious situation of college kids needing food options and tried implementing a late night Campus Club Food Court option until midnight.

However, apparently, “hot food” like burgers and pizza will not be made fresh after 10.

Butler is expanding, and along with more parking and dormitories, easily accessible and affordable food options need to be thought of as well.

“I feel like, without a car, other than C-Club, I can’t go and get food,” sophomore Ali Selheim said. “I’d like other providers on campus, or at least a shuttle specifically for fast food.”

A shuttle service solely for fast food is a good idea, but very expensive for Butler to implement and keep running, because the school would receive no revenue from it.

Butler SGA have previously discussed a potential parking garage with restaurants on the ground floor, which would help a little and allow Butler some revenue since it will be on Butler property.

To add to this effort, when potentially building new dormitories for incoming students, the basements could be converted to restaurants as well.

The problem is simple: We need more food options on campus.

The solution is not nearly as simple, but there are solutions that would allow Butler to receive revenue.