Schwitzer laundry going in one color, coming out another

NATALIE SMITH | Asst. News Editor DSC_1063

Freshman Amanda Rodriguez took her clothes out of a washing machine in Schwitzer Hall and was faced with an unexpected sight.

All of her white clothing had pink and purple stains. More than $200 worth of her clothing was dyed, Rodriguez said, and she saw tie-dyed shirts was hanging in the laundry room.

“Someone must have washed the just-tie-dyed shirts in the machines before they were done,” Rodriguez said.

Other Schwitzer residents’ laundry was dyed different colors as well.

Schwitzer Hall Residence Life Coordinator Hope England said via email she could not release any names of students responsible. She was unavailable for comment about the situation.

Director of Residence Life Karla Cunningham was unavailable for comment.

Rodriguez is part of Butler’s dance program and washed her tights and leotards in the load.

She now has to buy new gear or wait until spring break to get some from home.

This not only affects Rodriguez’s finances, but also her classes.

“As a dancer, part of my grade is showing up looking professional,” Rodriguez said. “My professors were understanding, but it still looks bad.”

Rodriguez said was told she will not be reimbursed by Butler University housing for the issue.

“I went to the front desk to report it, and they just said they would look into it,” Rodriguez said. “Schwitzer doesn’t even keep money at the front desk.”

Rodriguez said she has not done laundry since the dyeing took place.

“I need to wash my sheets but they’re white so I don’t want to,” Rodriguez said.