Past SGA president endorses candidate

Letter from former SGA president Mike Keller


EDITOR’S NOTE: The Collegian will accept letters regarding either Student Government Association presidential candidate. However, The Collegian does not endorse a particular candidate.


Dear Butler Collegian staff and readers,


I love this time of year. The Student Government Association elections provide a time for us to reflect as a campus on the opportunities and challenges we face and who is best suited to address them.

We are fortunate that Butler’s SGA continues to attract dedicated students to run for leadership positions. This year, two individuals have filed to run for SGA president.

As a former SGA president, I admire their courage. There is nothing more intimidating and exhausting than being under the spotlight of a multi-week, campus-wide campaign.

It is comforting to see that both candidates truly love Butler University and are running for the right reasons.

While both candidates would be a suitable choice to fill the position, one stands out as having the necessary experience and ambitious plans to take Butler’s SGA to the next level.

On Monday, Feb. 24, I will be casting my vote for Chad Pingel, and I strongly encourage the rest of the campus community to do the same.

Even as a sophomore, Chad is quite possibly the most qualified candidate for SGA president in the past five years.

He has served as a class officer, an assembly representative, a member of the SGA finance executive board, a student representative on the board of trustees finance committee, and currently serves as SGA’s vice president of finance— one of only three elected positions within the student government.

But a solid resume is not the most important thing when considering for whom to cast your ballot.

Even when things are going well, fresh ideas are needed for continued success. This is another area where Chad emerges as the clear choice.

His platform contains eight specific points for improving the functions of the student government. By proposing a special grant for new student organizations and allocating portions of the SGA’s rollover fund to finance larger campus improvements such as a C-Club renovation, Chad has shown a true understanding of student concerns and an agile ability to craft a solution.

Those skills are essential for fulfilling the most important role of SGA president: advocating for students to the administration.

In my experience, President James Danko and the rest of the university officials welcome student input on major decisions. However, when the plans of the administration contrast with the ideals of the student body, it takes an articulate, forceful advocate to change the minds of the older men and women in the room.

When you submit your vote on Election Day, ask yourself: Who do you want representing you in meetings with President Danko?

Because of his strong experience and promising ideas, Chad Pingel is the right answer.


Mike Keller

SGA President, 2012-2013