Masquerade: Paper faces on parade

BREANNA MANLEY | Staff Reporter IMG_0972

Butler University’s Reilly Room was filled with masks, mystery and music  Saturday night thanks to the Student Government Association.

SGA’s late night committee, part of the program board, hosted a masquerade ball for the student body, which featured a disc jockey, an hors d’oeuvres buffet and an ice sculpture.

“If (students) just want to come and have fun, we always have a ton of food at our events, and we do different stuff all the time,” late night committee co-chair Kaylie Ricks said. “It’s just somewhere students can go to have fun.”

Masks, sparkling cider, shrimp cocktails and a large chocolate fountain of fondue added to the ambience of the masquerade ball. Guests were asked to dress semi-formal.

“We tried to go for fancier, just because at this point a lot of the fraternities and sororities are doing their formal events, and not everyone at Butler is Greek,” Ricks said. “We wanted to give everyone an opportunity to dress up and come out.”

Ty Martorano, another co-chair of the late night committee, said their events give students a break from going to the same places each weekend and sparked the idea of a ball.

“We had a big budget left over from last semester, so I thought, ‘How can we utilize our budget?’” Martorano said. “(The answer was) by having a fancy party.”


SGA’s late night committee holds events once a month.

It advertises its events through Facebook, Twitter and posters hung up throughout campus.

Freshmen Vicki Miley and Irene Wei, residents of Schwitzer Hall, said they recognized the posters in their dorm and came to the event.

“First semester, these events kept me away from being homesick,” Wei said. “I can meet a new friend each day and do something fun at night.”

Junior Ephraim Rudolph said he brought his own mask and planned on keeping his identity a secret.

“I wanted to come to surprise my sister, because she didn’t know I was going to come,” Rudolph said.

Recent late-night activities from SGA have included pottery, ice skating, Flip the Script and more.

For future and upcoming events from SGA, students can look on its Facebook page, Twitter and in the Butler Connection.