Butler Terrace

MARAIS JACON-DUFFY | News Editor Butler Terrace

Sophomores and juniors will have another living option to choose from when the housing selection process begins March 25.

On Friday, an announcement from Vice President for Student Affairs Levester Johnson informed students of the new option to live in Butler Terrace Condominiums, which are located on the corner of 46th Street and Hinesley Ave.

Associate Director of Residence Life Doug Howell said this housing option addition will hopefully help Butler meet the need for more housing.

“Butler wanted to add more bed spaces to what we already have,” Howell said. “These additional spaces will allow us more flexibility in the required junior and sophomore housing selection processes; as well as lower or eliminate the number of incoming freshmen who may end up in reduced rate triple rooms at the start of the fall semester.”

Howell said the living space in Butler Terrace is similar to that of University Terrace and Christian Theological Seminary housing—where one Residence Life Coordinator oversees the building and tenants, and one Apartment Community Assistant lives in the building.

All current policies and procedures in place in all other campus housing options will also apply to Butler Terrace.

The setup of rooms in Butler Terrace will include one large bedroom, one small bedroom and one bathroom with two sinks.

The larger room will be shared by two students, making each apartment a triple. Howell said a fourth person could likely live comfortably in the apartment, and requests to add a fourth person would be allowed.

Minimal updates will be made to Butler Terrace housing, such as changing locks and adding garbage disposals, Howell said.

Only sophomores and juniors will have the option to live in Butler Terrace. Freshmen will still live in the residence halls, and seniors may live in Apartment Village or off-campus. There will still be units available in Butler Terrace for non-student tenants to be decided by the building owners.

Junior Liz Burnell said she considered living in BT for her fifth year of college because of the complex’s location and price.

“It seems nice, and I think it would be a great option for sophomores and juniors with the scramble for housing that Butler has every year,” Burnell said.

Rising juniors will have first preference of apartment spaces from AV, UT, CTS and BT. Remaining spaces will be offered to sophomores April 1.