Faux, not False

TAYLOR POWELL | Opinion Editorphoto 1

We now live in a world where consumers can buy their bodies in bulk.

Eyelash and hair extensions, colored contacts and other faux fashion accessories allow fashion experimenters and risk-takers to alter their physical appearance without high costs or a recover time.

This faux fashion trend is constantly growing because of how easy it is for shoppers to access these aforementioned accessories.

Websites like AliExpress.com allow people to purchase hair extensions, fake eyeglasses and even fake tattoos at wholesale, inexpensive prices.

Malls are catching on to the growing popularity of alternative fashion as well.

Kiosks that may normally market eyebrow threading can now perform the intricate art of eyelash extensions.

Accessory stores sell clear frames that appear to be genuine eyeglasses.

Some people may think using these accessories is unauthentic.

However, this trend is just another way that fashion fans can express themselves through the clothes and accessories they wear.

Freshman Morgan Gast uses clip-in hair extensions because they are highly versatile. Gast started using clip-ins in eighth grade because she wanted her hair to be longer. Soon, they became just another accessory as part of her style.

The well-known prescription contact brand Acuvue now sells colored lenses with or without vision correction. This allows users to intensify their look or match their eye color with their mood.

“I just like switching things up,” freshman Cristina McNeiley said. “I love how my eyes look naturally, but colored contacts kind of add an extra effect.”

I experiment with my fashion daily. Sometimes, people may not love it. Other days, they like it more than I do. But taking risks with my fashion allows me to express who I am.

Wearing faux fashions does not make a person fake. It also does not mean a person does not like the features he or she was born with.

Using faux fashion could simply mean the consumer wants to try something new. Or, it could mean the person may not want to commit to a permanent change and is instead using these accessories to experiment for a short period of time.

For freshman Dena Phillips, the use of faux fashion is to protect her natural hair. She uses hair extensions that lessen the amount of heat she puts on her own hair. They are temporary.

This faux fashion trend is no different than coloring one’s hair, filling in eyebrows, or wearing acrylic nails.

These newly popular accessories may not be for everyone. However, do not judge someone for using them.

“People wear fake purses and we don’t say anything about that,” Phillips said. “I think that if you want to try something that is ‘unauthentic’ then you should.”

Hair extensions, colored contacts and any other one of these styles are a great way to take your outfit or day-to-day style to the next level in an inexpensive, noncommittal way.

In the end, whether you bought your hair and nails or were born with them, paying for these accessories makes them completely and utterly your own.