Adults Invade Indy Children’s Museum

BRITTANY GARRETT | Staff Reporter13adultswimatrium-0249

The line between children and grown-ups will be blurred and crossed for one night at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum next month.

Kids will be left at home so those 21 and older can go out and play at the world’s largest children museum on Feb. 22, from 8 p.m. to midnight.

The museum will transform into an adult playground and host the second annual Adult Swim event.

This event promises games, disc jockeys, food and more in a casual party atmosphere.

Money raised from Adult Swim will go to innovative arts and educational programs that serve children and schools across Indiana, said Katie Garwood, Indianapolis Children’s Museum information coordinator.

Tickets for the event will sell out quickly, Garwood said.

“We sold out last year, which was our first year, so we are anticipating another great turnout,” Garwood said.

Although there is no actual pool for this adult swim, all five floors of the building will be open. Along with dancing and treats, participants will be able to stargaze in the planetarium, enjoy a carousel ride and compete in a variety of activities and games.

Adult Swim is co-produced by the Children’s Museum and The Sapphire Theatre Company. This is the second year the two companies have worked together on this project to raise money at the museum.


Garwood said the companies came up with the plan together and have been working collaboratively on the project.

“It’s really great that we have the venue and then they bring in a lot of super cool entertainment,” Garwood said.

The staff at the museum does not pull off this event by itself.

“Volunteers come in and help everything run smoothly,” Garwood said. “Some groups bring people with them as part of their sponsorships, but every help possible can be used.”

Anyone wishing to volunteer his or her time can do so by helping with food and beverages, merchandising, ticketing or safety. To sign up, contact Debbie Young at

If this event sounds appealing but the age requirement poses a problem, donations to the cause are accepted through the Adult Swim website.