rejoiceconcert1210-002-435x290BY: HANNAH HARTZELL, STAFF REPORTER

With the arrival of the holiday season, there is a particularly hurried pace that comes with festivities.  Next week, however, the Indianapolis community has the opportunity to take a step back from the chaos and attend the annual Butler University Chorale Christmas concert, Rejoice!

“Rejoice! is the Butler Music Department’s annual gift to Indianapolis,” said Greg Sanders, the concert’s producer.  “We don’t charge admission, and we give the community a chance to come into Clowes and celebrate the holiday with us as an important part of our Butler community.”

This is the first year that Sanders, a Butler graduate, will be conducting the Butler Chorale. Daniel Blosser will be conducting the University Choir, said senior Butler Chorale member Alaina Bartkowiak.

The musicians started preparing muic for the six ensembles in October, but the concert programming began last summer.

The concert will feature traditional holiday carols as well as contemporary Christmas tunes, giving the audience a chance to sing along with the music.

Rejoice! includes performances from all six of Butler’s vocal ensembles: The Butler Chorale, the University Choir, the Chamber Choir, Jordan Jazz, Freshly Brewed and Out of the Dawghouse.

Sanders said the Arthur Jordan Saxophone Quartet will be playing before and during the concert. A festival brass ensemble from the wind ensemble will also be playing during the concert, he said.

In addition, Bartkowiak said there will be many featured soloists and a wide range of musical styles for the audience.

“[Audience members] will be seeing Butler’s top-tier musical ensembles performing holiday pieces, some familiar and some brand new,” Bartkowiak said.

The choirs will be performing pieces by Samuel Barber and Benjamin Britton, as well as more contemporary work, like that of John Rutter.

“There really is a really good mix of repertoire in the music,” Sanders said.

There will also be a “fun and interesting” mash up of the pop song “The Rose” with “Lo, how the rose e’er blooming” that will give even more of a modern twist to the concert.

“For the community, it’s a concert featuring Butler’s top musicians and holiday favorites,” said Bartowiak.  “It is a fun way to kick off the home stretch of the holiday season.”

Rejoice! will be Dec. 13-14 in Clowes Memorial Hall.  Admission is free but tickets are required.  The box office is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.

“The most exciting part is seeing everything come together on the stage this week,” Sanders said. “It really helps students get into the Christmas season and look forward to the end of the semester.”