Tis’ the Season

By Rhyan Henson

The holiday season is rapidly approaching, and this means two things: There will be a lot of people stressed, and there will be a lot of people sick on campus.
With the end of the semester rush for classes, students will be doing everything they can to squeeze out those last points to make sure students can get the highest grade, possible.
Having good mental health is important, but maintaing good physical health is key to achieving the highest grades possible.
Missing class because of an illness or being too fatigued to stay up and complete assignments could throw a wrench in one’s goals for academic success down the home stretch of the semester.
While it is the end of the semster, it is not the end of the world. Students need to remember to take care of themselves.
It is not only beneficial to one’s self to maintain their health: It is to the benefit of the entire Butler population. Diseases can spread like wildfire, especially when the weather is begining to change.
The increase of coughs and sneezes around campus mean flu season is upon us. Students’ health is a priority, but the prevention of spreading germs and diseases are the highest concern.
The Health and Recreational Complex recommends that if students have head or body aches, fevers, cough or a sore throat, they call it for help, according to the HRC website. One of the perks of going to Butler is that we have doctors on campus that students can see for free.
Cleaning hands, covering one’s mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing and, when one is knowingly sick, trying to avoid contact with other students to prevent the spread of germs and sickness to other healthy people is important.
If students want or need a visual example of how germs spread from one person to the next, there is a video on the HRC website, courtesy of Creative Commons.
The dining halls also play a pivotal role in maintaining one’s health. Not only are they a breeding ground for germs and a very easy way to contract illness but they are, also a place where students can boost their immune system.
A well-balanced diet is a good way to maintain proper health. Balanced diets combined with the adequate amount of rest are two crucial things that everyone can do to ensure that one stays healthy.
If everyone takes self responsibility for their health, everyone will be much happier and healthier for the entirety of the fall and winter.