Meet the music makers: Donald Bradley


Senior Donald Bradley plays the violin in the Butler Symphony Orchestra.

Bradley is currently working to earn his Bachelor of Arts in music and a minor in history.

He has been playing the violin for about 13 years.

Bradley has played guitar, piano and bass throughout his life but he ultimately chose to pursue the violin.

He said he loves Celtic and Irish music, which really was a main reason he continued on with violin.

His parents were a driving force in his decision to immerse himself in music. They fostered a love of music in his life from an early age.

“It was my parents’ philosophy that music is something to be played and not just listened to,” Bradley said.

His future plans entail going into ethnomusicology, the study of music as culture. He is currently applying for different programs in Japan and Turkey and hopes to teach English.

“I love music because it allows me to connect with people on a whole new level,” Bradley said.