Diverse speaker offers more than a spooky experience

By Maggie Monson

Students had the opportunity to learn about exorcism at the presentation “The Rite of Exorcism.”
Rev. Vance Lampert, who performs exorcisms, spoke firsthand about his experiences with demons and confronting evil.
Lampert gave a description of how he performs the ceremonies.
People who believe they have been possessed by a demon must undergo a series of psychological tests to determine if they simply have a mental illness, Lampert said.
Instead of focusing on the demons, which excite people who don’t understand exorcism, Lampert focused on faith and religion.
Even though exorcism causes controversy within the Catholic church, Lampert continues to perform rituals help heal those who believe they suffer from possession.
Podium Expressions, a group run through Student Government Association, sponsored the presentation. These students bring diverse speakers to campus in an effort to educate students about a wider variety of topics.
“The Rite of Exorcism” is the perfect example of an opportunity students should take advantage of more often.
Educated students should be able to talk about controversial topics and have a thorough understanding of what the topic really entails.
College is the best time to  experience new things. In few other situations do students receive free access to firsthand accounts on topics they may never encounter otherwise.
Students shouldn’t leave college with only an understanding of topics concerning their major. No matter what opinion they form about exorcisms after an event like this one, they should be able to discuss their opinion in an educated manner.
Cultural events on campus, especially events without controversial buzz words like ‘exorcism’ in the title. However, all students would benefit from attending more than their eight events that are required to graduate.
These diverse events help us become informed people, which is an important part of graduating from college.