CCOM internship director to step down


Associate professor Allison Harthcock announced she will step down as College of Communication Internship Director at the end of the semester.
CCOM Dean Gary Edgerton is currently searching for someone to fill the position, according to an email to CCOM majors.
Harthcock said she needed to focus on her health, in an email to CCOM majors.
“I have had some on-going health issues that have limited my ability to do my best job and I need to focus my energies on being well,” Harthcock said in the email.
In the spring of 2012, CCOM announced that it would no longer fund the position of internship coordinator, which was held by Ed Kanis at the time. Harthcock became internship director in the fall of 2012.
Butler currently requires an internship for all journalism and strategic communication majors in order to graduate.
Internships are recommended for students in the creative media and entertainment program.
Junior Mary Jo Bissmeyer is in Harthcock’s media literacy class and said health problems haven’t seemed to inhibit Harthcock’s ability to teach.
“We have had class cancelled twice so far this semester,” Bissmeyer said. “By the second cancellation, I was wondering if something was wrong, but every day in class she seemed to be energetic and passionate.”
Junior Makenna Imholte has media, culture and theory class with Harthcock three times each week.
“I feel like there have been some days where something was wrong,” Imholte said. “She would warn us before class saying that she wasn’t feeling 100 percent. But otherwise, she was upbeat in our classes.”
Harthcock and Edgerton could not be reached to comment for this story.


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