Butler celebrates homecoming


Butler University was invaded by wizards, secret agents, cheshire cats, oompa loompas, flappers, mythical creatures, lions, tin men and scarecrows.
The theme of Homecoming 2013 was “books turned into movies” and each sorority, fraternity, residence hall and the commuters were paired up and assigned a specific book that was adapted into a movie.
Throughout Homecoming week, activities such as lawn decorations, Yell Like Hell and banner competitions allowed each team the opportunity to get points that were added together to determine a winner.
Saturday was the day of the Homecoming football game and other events.
The day started at 8 a.m. with Butler’s Biggest Tailgate in the Hinkle Fieldhouse lot.
The lot was covered with tents, vehicles, food, games and Butler fans for a majority of the day.
Beyond Hinkle, Butler also hosted activities for alumni, students, and fans.
Another event — a student favorite — was the annual fraternity Chariot Race.
Each fraternity on campus participates in this race down Hampton Drive.
“Chariot races are much more than a race,” said Zach Walter, a senior member of Sigma Chi. “It is a great way to build brotherhood bonding as well as provide a source of entertainment for the alumni on Homecoming.”
This year, there was controversy over who actually won the Chariot Race.
The winner depends on whom you ask.
According to Jimmy Butler, a junior Phi Delta Theta member, Sigma Chi would not race the Phi Delta Theta team in the final round.
“It’s a big deal to our fraternity and their fraternity because they say they are six times undefeated, but they won’t race us,” Butler said.
Many Butler alumni returned to campus as class reunions and reunions of specific colleges and Greek houses were going on throughout the day.
Ann Yater, formerly Ann Niebrugge (‘88) returned to Butler for the weekend and said things haven’t changed much.
“It is great to be back,” Yater said. “The band still plays at halftime, the Homecoming candidates still come out. The campus buildings have changed but it is still Homecoming.”
All these activities and many more led up to the main event of the day: the Butler football game against the Campbell Camels.
At halftime, the Homecoming court candidates walked onto the field.
The Delta Gamma representative, Kelsey Lindsay, was crowned queen and the Delta Tau Delta representative, Derek Brown, was crowned king.
“This is super cool,” Lindsay said. “I was on Homecoming court in high school but this is such an honor to represent my university and to know that the students chose me to represent them.”
At the conclusion of the third quarter, the announcement of the overall homecoming winner was made: the men of Lambda Chi Alpha and the women of Kappa Alpha Theta were named 2013 homecoming champions.
Finishing the day off with a movie-worthy ending, the Bulldogs earned a Homecoming victory against the Campbell Camels 35-14.