Reorganization of spaces needed

By Rhyan Henson

Now that everyone is settled in, it is time to revise the schools parking policy in order to convenience the most people.

Many communications students can only save their classwork on computers in Fairbanks, so to work outside of class, students need access to this building at all hours of the night.

Students who work in academic buildings far away from student parking lots will have big issues in the coming months.

With the cold of winter fast approaching, it will be much more convenient to park outside of buildings where students will be working.

There are commuter lots by the library. But for those who work primarily in Fairbanks, that is a long trek especially in the wee hours of the night.

The lots in front of the academic buildings sit close to empty most nights.

At the beginning of the year, it was understandable to make the lots have the same policy 24/7 while we adjusted to the new policy.

Now that we can determine the parking patterns, it is safe to adjust these policies to where it can appease the most amount of people.

On the weekends the parking policy should be different Students may need to commute across campus and need their vehicle to do so.

It is only logical that the administration allow anyone to park in any lot on the weekends, especially when many of the people who come to campus for business will not be working during these days. Most of the commuter or contractor lots will not be in use. Lots like TKE sit empty a lot of time. It would be more efficient if contractors had desginated spots in this lot, and the rest would go to students.

I am a fan of Dawg Ride and the services that BUPD offers, but sometimes it is just easier to do your own thing.

As more people begin to use Dawg Ride, it will become increasingly busier and take longer to respond to students because of demand.

After a long night of studying, many will not want to call someone to transport him or her to somewhere else on campus when they can easily drive themselves.

If one has to commute to multiple locations on campus or haul a large item, it is much easier if each student had his or her own individual form of transportation, as opposed to calling Dawg Ride or BUPD.

On the weekends and after classes have ended, parking on all lots should be allowed.