Irwin Library celebrates 50th anniversary

Alexandra Bode | Staff Reporter

Irwin Library hosted a 50th anniversary celebration Monday in honor of the building’s opening on Sept. 9, 1963. The event was, fittingly, 1960s-themed.

“They’ve packed in a lot in that time period so it should be a lot of fun,” said Akeira Jennings, Butler student liaison for Irwin Library.

Expenses from the celebration came out of the library’s budget, library officials and administration said.

Events at the celebration include a 1960s themed fashion show, exhibits on the building and its designer, a student photography contest, some brief remarks from Craig Fisher, student government association President, and an Irwin Library replica cake.

Fisher’s speech incorporated the opening remarks from the Irwin Library dedication given by the SGA President in 1965. Said former president was also president at the ceremony.

“[Fisher] was able to tie in the past with the present, which was cool given the theme,”Regan Bright, administrative specialist of libraries said.

The events were all accompanied by popular 1960s music and the library staff dressed in clothing from this time period throughout the event.

Sophomore Caleb Schmicker said he enjoyed going to the event to support his fraternity brother, Fisher.

“I originally went to see Craig, but the whole place looked pretty authentic and cool,” Schmicker said. “And the cake was delicious.”

The massive changes and rennovations Irwin recieved over the years took center stage during the celebration.

Irwin Library as designed by Japanese-American architect Minoru Yamasaki, who is most famously known for designing the world trade centers.

Prior to the construction of Irwin Library, Butler’s library was located in the basement of Jordan Hall and called the “Black Hole” by students, said Julie Miller, dean of libraries.

“Students raved about this gleaming white building,” Miller said.

Miller also said the students were pleased with the amount of space they had to study and work on projects in relationship to the old library.

Exhibits from the celebration displayed photographs of Irwin throughout the years, as well as different historical items specific to Butler from the 1960s.

The exhibits from the celebration will remain on display in the library for the rest of the semester.