Danko speaks on parking, incoming class, campus improvements in State of the University address


Butler’s University’s academic year kicked off on Friday with President James Danko’s State of the University address.

Danko spoke about various subjects regarding the university, including the incoming freshman class, parking concerns, changes in Butler athletics and the university’s overall growth.

He also redefined his Strategic Vision—giving it the name Butler 2020—which he said will give Butler clear direction for its future.

Other proposed plans Danko highlighted were the new ‘I-lot’ parking area across the canal—referring to

the space as “West Campus”—as well as redesigning Sunset Avenue with bike lanes and a median separating traffic lanes.

Construction on Sunset Avenue would be funded by a grant from the city of Indianapolis. Danko said he hopes to get more funding to do similar remodeling to Hampton Drive.

Another issue Danko addressed was puddles of water that often collect on the campus’s walkways during showers and thunderstorms.
Danko said the solution for that problem is to begin removing the concrete sidewalks and replace them with permeable, cobblestone-like walkways.

The address was delivered in the new Howard L. Schrott Center for the Arts on the eve of the new freshman class arriving on campus.

Click here to see the entirety of President Danko’s State of the University address.