Butler seniors recall their favorite memories as freshmen are welcomed onto campus. Butler seniors should draw on their personal experiences in order to help freshmen start their collegiate careers.
The 2013 fall semester for the first time brings the opportunity for 1,025 new impressions on campus—impressions that can last for years and become cherished memories.
Many freshmen look forward to their college years with anticipation, while seniors look back on theirs fondly, wishing they could join in the experience again.
Incoming freshman Natalie Smith said her first impression of campus showed her the community spirit at Butler.
“(The Butler Way is) so true,” Smith said, “Everyone cares about each other, and I’ve already felt that, and I’ve only been here for a week. No other place feels as much like home.”
Senior Adam Davis said the sense of family that he has found in his Butler friends has made his experience on campus unforgettable.
Davis said road-tripping with friends to the 2011 Final Four made his top 10 list of favorite Butler memories.
Recent Butler alumnus David Flynn said some of his memories could not be experienced at any other college.
Butler University Police Department came to his door for a noise complaint, and a surprised Flynn answered.
“When they found out there were four ladies in my room and only me, they demanded I go back in immediately but make sure I kept it down,” Flynn said.
Even though the Butler website offers good information on what to expect out of daily life on campus, students crave more personal information.
Upperclassmen on campus are willing to offer wisdom gained through their personal experiences.
Davis said he believes involvement on campus is important.
“Your time here at Butler is short,” Davis said, “but the lessons you learn from those activities will have a lasting impression on your life after Butler.”
Students should have no problem getting involved through the various 140 clubs and activities offered on campus.