Students awarded for outstanding employment

Lindsey Wacnik, Hannah Simmons and Erica Gilliland have been announced as the three winners of 2013 Student Employee of the Year Awards.

Cheri Prather, senior secretary for the Learning Resource Center and Student Disability Services, was on the committee that chose the winners.

Prather said she was honored to be chosen and to be a part of the selection process.

“There were several really good students, and they all really look like they were doing a great job,” Prather said.

Junior Lindsey Wacnik was given the Outstanding New Student Award.

She started as an assistant in Information Commons and was promoted to Moodle specialist. She assists in the training for faculty and does one-on-one consultations on how to use Moodle.

Wacnik said she was honored to even be nominated.

“It was pretty exciting,” Wacnik said. “I was very surprised. I wasn’t really expecting it. I was kind of surprised even when I got the nomination.”

Wacnik said her favorite part of her job is working directly with faculty and staff.

Senior Hannah Simmons was given the Student Employee Leadership Award.

Simmons came to Butler as an exploratory major and showed an interest in event planning. This interest led her to the conferences and special events office.

She started her freshman year as a student assistant, and this past summer, Simmons was offered an internship position in the office.

As an intern, she managed summer conferences and helped train faculty and staff with the event management software used on campus.

Simmons said she could not have won the award without the people she worked with in the conferences and special events office.

“They really looked out for what was best for me, and they have such good work ethic,” Simmons said.

The Overall Student Employee of the Year Award was given to Erica Gilliland.

Gilliland works in Information Commons as an associate. She leads a team of students each semester, training them on how to use all the different types of technology.

She said her favorite part of her job is being able to work with technology and helping people.

“It gave me the opportunity to still be really involved with technology even though my major wasn’t requiring that of me,” Gilliland said.

Gilliland said she was really surprised to get the nomination and wasn’t expecting to win.

Associate art professor Elizabeth Mix said in an email that the students who won had extremely strong nomination letters and personal essays. Mix was on the committee that chose the winners.

“Well, I have to say it was very difficult to choose the winners,” said Mix. “There were many students doing incredible work as evidenced in their supervisors’ nomination letters.”