Opinion | Take advantage of Butler ArtsFest

The Butler ArtsFest will bring out talent in the form of artistic performances for the student body to see.
The event takes place from April 18 through 28. It’s 11 days filled with inspiring art.
The art can be faculty or student work and can range from paintings to ballet.
Junior, Zach Kukla is performing in the Butler Chamber Dance.
“I literally sit down the whole piece,” Kukla said. “The piece is very enjoyable to perform, but it is one of the more difficult pieces I’ve done. I basically have to act the part.”
The performance will have live musicians, including a soprano singer.
“I have a lot of respect for this style of dancing,” Kukla said. “It doesn’t have normal ballet steps like stuff I am used to doing. It’s mostly silent acting. It’s fun to play such a crazy character, though.”
He has rehearses on Wednesdays and Saturdays for the performance.
Students like Kukla put large amounts of hard work and  dedication into to their craft and performances.
“I’m performing in the Butler Symphony Orchestra on the 28th” junior Patrick Peterson said. “I’m excited for our concert, music and festival as a whole.”
Peterson, who plays the string bass for the orchestra, said the theme of the festival is revolution, which includes all music or art that is influential or had an important role in society when it was first created.
Art is such a good way to express emotion. It can change someone’s attitude just with the presence of a colorful painting or flowers planted around campus. It changes the atmosphere completely.
The ArtsFest comes at a good time with the semester coming to an end. Since it lasts 11 days, it gives all students time to attend at least one event to admire work by the artists.
“Besides the rehearsal time we’ve spent preparing the music, it’s always good to spend some time listening and enjoying art that you are not normally exposed to,” Peterson said.
Students can also earn cultural credit for attending these.
Art is never the same and always changing. It’s definitely a great way to free the mind.