OPINION | Students must concentrate most as spring arrives

Students are back on the grind to finish the spring semester.
The adjustment back to reality after Spring Break has set in, and the time has arrived to pressure students’ brains and try to keep stress levels down.
But we all need a little inspiration to get through April. It’s finally spring, and shorts and flip flops are right around the corner.
“Knowing we’re close to summer keeps me going,” junior Michelle Landfair said. “I’ve got my countdown until it’s over.”
The weather changes attitudes on campus. I think everyone is ready for some sun in his or her life.
Students are tired of walking to class in this gloomy, depressing weather. We are ready for a new spark in life. The pools, beaches and hanging out with friends are where anyone would rather be.
“Hopefully some more beautiful spring weather  is on its way because, being from Florida, I’m done with this snow,” junior Shelby Shenkman said.
You’ve already made it this far, and you’re at the home stretch.  You can definitely do it.
Students have to believe in themselves and stay confident in their studies.
It will all get done. Just take it day by day.
Exams, memorization and presentations are pushing students until they reach that warm weather.
“I just want to do well on my exams,” said Alex White a fourth-year pharmacy major. “That’s what will get me through.”
Everyone is reaching a breaking point in the semester, but only five more weeks remain.
Students just need to keep pushing through the final weeks because it always pays off in the end.
I just keep telling myself those sandy beaches of Hawaii are calling my name, so when I take that last final May 7, I will be saying “aloha”.