Opinion | SGA surplus could be put to better use

Student Government Association is investing part of its budget surplus in students, but it could go to better use.
SGA currently has over $200,000 in the budget cushion now. That is a good sum of money just sitting in the bank and SGA is putting it to use. SGA is investing $100,000 in a patio in between the Gallahue and Holcomb buildings.
The plans for the new updated area look great but the money should be going to fix bigger issues on campus. In particular going towards fixing the parking and housing situations on campus. The school could greatly benefit from an increase in the number of parking spots on campus.
Residential life has two problems. The biggest of which is that there is a shortage of rooms on campus. We also have two overcrowded residential buildings that have no central air conditioning.
The patio sounds nice but it is not a necessity and it would only be available to students during the mild weather times of year.
Why not invest money into long-term projects, like better residence halls or more parking areas?
If part of the funding for these projects comes from the rollover account then it would be much easier.
If the money came from the rollover budget, it would cut out some of the red tape of dealing with Butler administration.
Investing a large sum of the rollover budget into something that students can enjoy is good.
There are higher priorities that the money could go towards that could benefit more students and benefit them during all times of the year.
If the money is going to sit in an account for years down the road, put it to good use or lower the student activity fee.
SGA should weigh all of the options before commiting to spending thousands of dollars.