Opinion | Service learning should be higher priority

It seems saying the phrase “service learning” on Butler University’s campus is enough to start a fight.
But there are other ways for students to get off campus and to experience something they would not otherwise be able to do.
More classes should offer or even require students to participate in events outside the university.
My own experience here speaks well.
One of my classes this semester required students to participate in a protest of some kind.
This is not something I would have even considered a few years ago. After this class, doing service learning has become more in line with who I am since I started at Butler.
Now, I am looking forward to doing more.
Service learning has also given me insight into some of the things I have discussed in classes here at Butler.
This kind of assignment differs from classroom learning in a couple of ways. For one, it does not need to be structured. Secondly, it is a one-time event.
Service learning classes offer a lot of benefits.
But assignments that push students to be involved in organizations and events off-campus are also a great way to achieve some of the same goals.
For one, the flexibility of my class assignment meant the students could personalize what they did instead of having only a few options.
As a student with more than one job outside of my course load, I understand volunteering or making time for other activities outside  class is not easy.
But this assignment has definitely made me grow as a person.
Butler students should take the opportunities given to them, and faculty should make sure the opportunities exist.