Opinion | Pages Harmful to Butler’s Image

When posting to public media sites, students should be more conscious of the images they are creating.
Over the past few weeks, Butler Confessions and BU Secret Admirer have become widely popular on Twitter and Facebook. These sites  have more than 2,000 Facebook likes and Twitter followers combined.
While most of the people who view these posts are probably students, anyone on Facebook or Twitter can see the pages.
Prospective students and parents can see these pages, and some of the posts are not great displays of class.
Some comments  are innocent and funny, but other comments  have lewd descriptions that are inappropriate.
The  comments make Butler students look like a bunch of sex -addicted young adults.
One anonymous commentor posted, “I jacked off in JH 342 last night. Have fun in class tomorrow.”
While statements like this may be true, it is not necessary that students say this on the Internet where anyone in the world can see.
All comments are anonymous and monitored by university employees, but there should be more done to regulate these pages, especially if they have Butler’s name in the title.
The site is not monitored by Butler. .
Only  a few accounts in violation of the social media guidelines have occurred, and none of the posts are affecting the marketing and image of Butler, Kaltemark said.
After reading some of the lewd comments, I personally do not understand how these are not negatively impacting the university. These comments are not a good representation of the “Butler Way”. Many schools around the country have similar social media pages but that does not mean Butler has to lower its standards and have social media pages with bad comments as well.
The two social media pages are not affiliated with the university, and the school can do little to regulate the pages. But Butler is in the title of these pages, and, therefore they are a direct representation of the Butler students.
The web marketing team keeps a close eye on the pages,  Kaltenmark  said, but with all of the posted comments falling under the guidelines already, there is little that can be done to be more selective of the comments that make the page.
The pages can be very entertaining and interesting to read, but the fact is that some of these comments are protected by the rules. Students need to realize the potential harm these comments can do to the reputation to the school.