Opinion | Guard Your Gadgets

While Butler University’s Community of Care is a fine idea, it does not keep students belongings from getting stolen.
There has been a spike in theft around campus, and much of the responsibility  to protect belongings lies with students themselves.
It’s not uncommon for two or three laptops to be lying around unattended in an academic building at any given time.
Students will leave them go print things, to talk to friends or make a phone call, leaving the valuables ready to be stolen.
Butler is not immune from crime, and students need to stop thinking that nothing bad will ever happen to them.
We do live in a bubble, but sometimes that bubble bursts, and people come in and steal things.
Do not be naïve about what can happen when you are not around. An unattended backpack or iPhone can be tempting to a thief.
It’s not always outsider-on-student crime.
Butler is pretty small, but there are still more than 4,000 students here who are perfectly capable of snatching up expensive items while others are away.
Last fall, a Ross Hall resident made his or her way through the building and stole cash and computers.
That should send a message to students to take steps to prevent this from happening to them.
Butler is generally safe, but the recent spree in theft should push students to make better choices.
And if you see anything that looks suspicious, tell someone about it. If you see people acting like they are taking things that don’t belong to them, do not let them get away with it tell BUPD or any authoritative figure in the area.
Theft on campus has generally gone unsolved, so it’s likely that once you get something stolen, you will not see it again.
Don’t be the next victim in the crime log.
Lock your doors.
Keep your backpack with you.
Always keep your phone ,laptop and other expensive electronics close. It only takes a second for something to disappear.