Opinion | Electronic exams better for students

For the benefit of students and teachers, more professors should allow students to take final exams online.
Taking exams online is  convenient for students. This would allow students to take the exam any time during finals week. This would also allow students who live farther away to have a better idea of how to make their travel plans so they can leave campus at a decent time instead of in the middle of the night because they were stuck in an exam all day.
This also would help students who have vacations scheduled right after the school year.
If students had the freedom to take exams any time they wanted, they would have more time to prepare.
Finding the time to adequately study for exams is a big problem for many students who have jam-packed schedules. The extra time for studying could mean better overall scores for students.
Professors would not be obligated to sit in a classroom and proctor exams. Every student on campus has access to an adequate computer, so technical difficulties could be easily managed and kept to a minimum.
Opponents of this plan may say students might have a better opportunity to use notes and books.
Teachers could make questions hard enough or put a time limit on exams. This could make shuffling through notes and books obsolete because it would be too time-consuming.
Electronic exams could be  very beneficial in terms of allowing students and teachers to effectively use their time and allowing students to adequately prepare for exams.
There is the potential that electronic exams could fail but there is also the potential that every could benefit from them as well.