Opinion | Dorm damages affect all residents

Damage to the dorm buildings on campus is happening constantly. Students are destroying the places where they have to live.
Maybe it’s just me, but I really don’t see the appeal in wrecking my home.
Last weekend in Ross Hall, a student ripped a water fountain out of the wall. The weekend before that, three exit signs were destroyed in one night.
Last semester, someone kicked at least four holes in the walls of the Residential College hallways.
Money is an issue for everyone. When something is damaged, the entire wing of the building has to pay.
Those who cause these damages are not being fair to students who follow the rules.
Their actions show a blatant lack of respect to other students. When students tear an exit sign off the wall, they are disrespecting their peers.
So many students live in the dorm buildings, and nobody wants their home to look like it’s falling apart.
They are also disrespecting the people who work hard to keep the dorms maintained.
The residence life staff make sure the halls are clean and safe. Resident assistants take their time to make bulletin boards informing and inspiring to get students involved.
Nobody should take these efforts for granted by damaging the buildings.
It seems to me that students have come to expect damages to happen on weekends. We hear that something new has been taken apart, and it isn’t a surprise. That’s pathetic.
Those abusing the residential facilities should be held more accountable for their actions by the rest of the student body.