Opinion | Commencement speaker is perfect fit

Butler University announced last week that John Green, the New York Times bestselling fiction writer, will be the commencement speaker in May.
Green fits this role in a lot of ways.
His works are frequently labeled “young-adult” but capture college readers’ attention as well.
The university picked well, but here are a few people that could also offer up interesting speeches:
David Graeber, who wrote “Debt: The First 5,000 Years.”
His work is not about life after graduation specifically, but it might be something students can relate to while waiting to hear back from jobs and graduate programs.
John Darnielle, Bloomington-born lead singer and writer for The Mountain Goats, has been awarded for his spectacular lyrics.
Darnielle could borrow from his lyrics to inspire the class of 2013 with tidbits like “I’m gonna make it through this year if it kills me” or “Do every stupid thing that makes you feel alive.”
Another fantastic choice would be Toni Morrison, Nobel-and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “Beloved.”
Morrison’s passion and message are inspiring and her writing is fantastic.
It would be an excellent way to pay homage to Butler’s heritage as the first university in this nation to graduate a black woman. Cornel West would be another excellent speaker.
West spoke at Butler earlier this year about Ovid Butler’s legacy and the university’s duty to uphold it.
Anita Sarkeesian would be another fantastic option.
The Internet sensation started Feminist Frequency on Youtube to start “conversations with pop culture.”
Sarkeesian’s straightforward, relaxed style lends itself naturally to speeches. Her positive message and vision for a better society would certainly be inspiring.
Beyonce Knowles-Carter, though, pretty much holds my number-one nomination.
The 17-time Grammy winner has the chops and life experience to come up with a clever and inspiring speech with a killer dance break.