No true offseason for Butler athletes

With summer and the subsequent break from school approaching, Butler athletes face a different routine for staying in shape when not on campus.

Athletes at Butler, regardless of when their sport’s season is, are expected to maintain physical health over the break without necessarily being under the watchful gaze of their coaches.

For different sports, this could mean different things.

Spring athletes, such as freshman track and field runner Jake McCormick, are fortunate enough to get a little time off.

“We do get three and a half weeks off,” he said. “Our coaches design a daily conditioning workout that is emailed to us afterwards, and we are expected to keep up with it every day.

“I’m able to have a full-time job and also get to spend more time with my family and hobbies, such as fishing and boating.”

For sports in the fall, however, the workouts are more regimented.

Freshman linebacker Jack Schaub is expected to abide by a more rigorous program to ensure his readiness for the upcoming football season.

“I have a strength and conditioning program that I will be following for all of summer except for about the first week and a half I am home,” Schaub said. “The program lasts all the way up until we report in the first week of August.

“It will consist of all the different lifts that I will need to focus on and also the conditioning that I will need to do in order to be ready in the fall.”

The team gives the players individual workouts to focus on if they go home.

If athletes stay on campus, there are open lifting and conditioning times.

All football players will report to campus at the beginning of August for team practices.

To help combat burnout,  Schaub is planning on taking a two-week vacation, though he still plans on running every day.

For the collegiate athlete at Butler, things are just getting started as the school year comes to a close.


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